Why we created PlaylistMap

Getting added to playlists is the most direct and authentic way to reach new listeners, grow your fanbase, and increase streams and saves. We built PlaylistMap to make this easier.

Existing playlisting solutions fall short

When we took a look at the playlisting market, major shortcomings were obvious. Existing solutions are too expensive and only include a fraction of the Spotify playlists that are out there. Most of them don’t allow you to communicate directly with curators, which means you have no control over how your music gets pitched.

PlaylistMap was created

by musicians, for musicians

Unable to find a playlisting platform that met their standards, the founders of PlaylistMap — an indie musician and a music industry expert — decided to build something better. The result is a platform that makes reaching the most relevant curators effortless. PlaylistMap is:

Unique.We are the only platform that lets you search by artists that are similar to you so you can identify your ideal playlists and zero-in on hyper-relevant genres and subgenres.

F*ckin huge.Our catalog has more than 10,000 playlist curators, which opens the door to 200 million playlist followers. With more playlists added every day, we provide access to more potential listeners than any other platform.

Not a middleman.We give you full control over the pitch process. Communicate directly with curators, establish valuable connections, and get helpful feedback.

Supportive. Not only do we give you direct access to curators, we also provide customizable templates to help you craft the perfect pitch.

Affordable. We believe the best playlisting platform should be accessible to the musicians who need it.

A platform that’s built for musicians today

At PlaylistMap, we get what musicians need: a sustainable strategy for growing their fan base that doesn’t consume all of their time and money. Playlisting is the fastest and most effective way to gain listeners — way faster than online campaigns or getting mentioned in a blog — but that doesn’t mean you should need to spend hours searching for the right ones. With PlaylistMap, you’ll find your ideal audience in seconds.

We believe your music should speak for itself. We’re here to help you make sure the right people hear it.