Feature update: Spotify playlist analyzer

New on PlaylistMap: We have added an informative Insights section to each playlist you open, to give you more information about the playlist’s activity. The new section includes: Spotify playlist followers checker The number of tracks over time graph Analysis tab, displays information like moods   These metrics play an important role in playlisting, as […]

5 Tips for Promoting Your Music on Spotify


As independent artists, making music is just part of the task; the other part is knowing how to market it successfully to get your name out there and cultivate a following. It can undoubtedly be quite frustrating and disappointing to spend hours on end creating new music, just to discover that on Spotify’s release day, […]

Spotify Playlist Promotion Service

spotify playlist promotion service

Some people might see Spotify as an MP3 player – a piece of technology with music inside, and nothing further. But we know it’s not true. Spotify is made of people’s preferences, their emotions and their habits just as it is made of music. Actually, Spotify’s structure and the way its algorithm works take into […]

How to create a popular Spotify playlist: 6 top tips

How to Get your music on Spotify playlists

How can you build a great playlist on Spotify? One that will attract more followers, introduce them to your world of music, and become the go-to for listeners?  Today, playlist curators are the gatekeepers of Spotify. That means you, as a curator, have the potential to influence what music people hear, and which artists get […]

How to grow your fanbase online in 2022

How to get your songs on Spotify

Traditionally, performing live onstage was considered the best way to engage with fans and expose your music to the world. But today, due to Covid-19, pulling off a live performance is often not an option.    However, there are still many opportunities for musicians to gain exposure and grow their fanbase—on Spotify, through social media, […]

PlaylistMap: The platform that’s revolutionizing playlisting

How to Get your music on Spotify playlists

Not long ago, getting your song played on the radio was your golden ticket to getting discovered. Once you hit the airwaves, you had the chance to make it big. Today, things work differently. The key to success for modern artists is getting your music on Spotify playlists.  When your music enters a playlist, it […]

How to Contact Spotify Playlist Curators and Get Your Music Heard

Contact Spotify Playlist Curators

Today, getting your music added to Spotify playlists is crucial for getting more listeners and reaching new fans. But, in order to make that happen, you need to pitch your songs to the playlist gatekeepers. That means you need to know how to contact playlist curators.    Not only that, but you also need to […]

Submit to Spotify playlist curators: 5 tips for getting discovered

How to get discovered on Spotify

You pour your heart and soul into your music. The process of writing, composing, and producing a song requires a lot of time and money. And when it’s finally finished, you want to make sure it gets heard. The challenge is successfully releasing your music so it reaches the right listeners.   In the music-streaming […]