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3 Things You Need to Know to Get Your Music on Editorial Playlists

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Independent Spotify playlists are created and curated by regular users, like you and me. These playlists are updated regularly and can be a great way to get your music in front of new listeners. But what is the difference between an editorial playlist and an independent one?

Why is it Important to Get on Independent Playlists?

It’s important to get on independent playlists because once your music is on one, it can start a snowball effect. People will listen to your song, like it, and hopefully share it. This can trigger the algorithm to add it to algorithmic playlists. Once your song has lots of likes, saves, and listeners, Spotify will take notice and you’ll be on your way to getting on your first editorial playlist.

What is the Best Way to Send Your Music to Curators?

The first and most important thing to know when sending your music to curators is relevancy. The big numbers rule applies here: you want to feature your music on as many playlists as possible that are relevant to your song, your niche, and your genre.

How to Find and Contact Independent Playlist Curators

One way to find and contact independent playlist curators is through the use of a platform like PlaylistMap. This platform allows you to search for playlists by artist name, genre name, or any keyword related to your music. You’ll get a list of playlists and most importantly, you’ll get the contact details of the curators so you can start pitching your music right away. You can start using PlaylistMap for free.

So go ahead, feature your music and good luck!



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