Fake playlists on Spotify: how to avoid them?

As you already know, Spotify playlists are a great growth engine. Aim your music at big, robust playlists, contact the curators, and get streams and exposure. But not every playlist is quite what it claims to be. Sometimes a 25K followers playlist won’t get a 25K-followers-playlist’s results.   Unfortunately, many playlists on Spotify use bots […]

5 Tips for Promoting Your Music on Spotify


As independent artists, making music is just part of the task; the other part is knowing how to market it successfully to get your name out there and cultivate a following. It can undoubtedly be quite frustrating and disappointing to spend hours on end creating new music, just to discover that on Spotify’s release day, […]

Spotify Playlist Promotion Service

spotify playlist promotion service

Some people might see Spotify as an MP3 player – a piece of technology with music inside, and nothing further. But we know it’s not true. Spotify is made of people’s preferences, their emotions and their habits just as it is made of music. Actually, Spotify’s structure and the way its algorithm works take into […]

How to make the Spotify algorithm work in your favor

How to Get your music on Spotify playlists

We’ve all heard about the mysterious Spotify algorithm—the formula that recommends new music to listeners and is the main ingredient behind your Daily Mixes and Discover Weekly. As an artist, the Spotify algorithm is also something you can use to your advantage (if you know how to make it work for you).    In this […]

FREE GUIDE: Learn to master the art of playlisting

How to get playlisted on Spotify

It’s time to shift your playlisting skills into high gear. Today, getting your music added to Spotify playlists is by far the most effective way to reach the right listeners, grow your fanbase, and own your music career. But, as we all know, it’s not always easy. That’s why we created this guide, How to […]

PlaylistMap: The platform that’s revolutionizing playlisting

How to Get your music on Spotify playlists

Not long ago, getting your song played on the radio was your golden ticket to getting discovered. Once you hit the airwaves, you had the chance to make it big. Today, things work differently. The key to success for modern artists is getting your music on Spotify playlists.  When your music enters a playlist, it […]

How to Contact Spotify Playlist Curators and Get Your Music Heard

Contact Spotify Playlist Curators

Today, getting your music added to Spotify playlists is crucial for getting more listeners and reaching new fans. But, in order to make that happen, you need to pitch your songs to the playlist gatekeepers. That means you need to know how to contact playlist curators.    Not only that, but you also need to […]