When it comes to promoting your music, every decision counts. The right playlist placement can make all the difference, but with so many options out there, it can be tough to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve put together a comparison of two of the biggest players in the game: PlaylistMap and Submithub.

Feature playlistmap-black-logo SubmitHub
Catalog size Over 100K playlists Less than 1000 curators
Pricing Cost-effective subscriptions with no commitment, one credit less than $0.2 $2-$3 per credit
Direct Communication Direct communication with relevant curators No direct communication, only through the site
UX Find playlists based on artists, genres or keywords List of curators based on popularity and time on site.
Enriched data Extensive data including followers growth, track additions, artist and genre breakdown, moodiness analysis Simple information on curators, including number of followers and tracks


What is SubmitHub?

SubmitHub is a platform that provides a solution for musicians, artists and record labels to submit their music to music curators, influencers, playlist owners, and bloggers. The aim of SubmitHub is to help musicians reach a wider audience by getting their music in front of people who can help promote it, such as playlist curators, bloggers, and record labels. The platform provides a simple and straightforward submission process, allowing musicians to submit their music to hundreds of curators in one place, rather than having to send individual emails to each one. The curators can then review the music and, if they like it, add it to their playlists, blog about it, or recommend it to their network. This can lead to increased exposure, plays, and potentially even record deals for the musicians.

Benefits of Submithub

SubmitHub is a platform that provides several benefits to independent musicians and music curators. With over 800,000 registered users, SubmitHub offers an efficient way to submit music to curators, who then have the opportunity to add the tracks to their playlists. This can lead to increased exposure and streams for the artist. Additionally, SubmitHub offers detailed analytics and feedback on submissions, allowing artists to see which curators are interested in their music and what they can improve upon. These features make SubmitHub a valuable tool for independent artists looking to grow their audience and reach more listeners.

Drawbacks of SubmitHub

SubmitHub has several drawbacks that should be considered before using the platform. Firstly, its catalog size is limited, with less than 1000 Spotify curators available. This may not provide enough options for artists to choose from in terms of curators and playlists that fit their music genre. Secondly, the pricing of SubmitHub is relatively expensive compared to other options, with a cost of $2-$3 per credit. This can add up quickly for artists who want to submit their music to multiple curators.

Catalog size

First, let’s talk about catalog size. PlaylistMap offers access to a vast catalog of over 100K playlists, while Submithub falls short with less than 1,000 Spotify playlist curators on their platform.


When it comes to pricing, PlaylistMap offers cost-effective subscription plans with no commitment. Each credit costs less than $0.2, making it more accessible for musicians. On the other hand, Submithub charges between $2-$3 per credit.

Direct communication

In terms of direct communication, PlaylistMap allows artists to reach out directly to relevant curators through various channels such as email, Instagram, or Facebook. On the other hand, Submithub acts as a middleman, limiting direct communication between the artist and curator.

User experience

In terms of user experience, PlaylistMap provides a user-friendly platform that allows artists to find playlists based on similar artists, genres, or keywords. On the other hand, Submithub only provides a limited list of curators based on popularity within the platform.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

Lastly, PlaylistMap offers enriched data such as followers’ growth over time, track additions, artist and genre breakdown, and moodiness analysis. Submithub, on the other hand, provides basic information such as the number of followers and tracks.

SubmitHub VS PlaylistMap Which One to Choose?

In conclusion, PlaylistMap offers a much larger catalog of playlists and allows for direct communication with curators, providing enriched data and a user-friendly experience. On the other hand, Submithub has a limited number of curators and acts as a middleman, with a less cost-effective pricing model and limited information on curators. If you’re looking to get your music heard by the right people and save time and money in the process, PlaylistMap is the clear choice.

So why settle for Submithub when you can have it all with PlaylistMap? Upgrade your music promotion game today!

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