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How to Contact Spotify Playlist Curators and Get Your Music Heard (2023)

Contact Spotify Playlist Curators

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Today, getting your music added to Spotify playlists is crucial for getting more listeners and reaching new fans. But, in order to make that happen, you need to pitch your songs to the playlist gatekeepers. That means you need to know how to contact playlist curators. 


Not only that, but you also need to know what to actually say. What could you say in an email to convince a complete stranger to listen to your music? 


Knowing how to craft a great pitch is the first step to getting your music on the right playlists. 


If you want to learn how to contact Spotify playlist curators and craft the perfect pitch, follow the steps below.

1. Make it brief

Curators receive dozens, potentially even hundreds, of pitches per day. They won’t have time to read an entire autobiography of yourself and lengthy descriptions of your music. Be mindful of their time and keep your pitch short. A few short paragraphs should be enough space to introduce yourself, share your song, and ask if they are open to adding new music to their playlist. 

2. Use the subject line to your advantage

The subject line is the first thing someone sees when they have an email in their inbox. As someone who is not in their contact list, your goal is to write a subject line that clearly states why you are writing to them, and not come off as spam.


Something as straightforward as “Music submission for your playlist – [Playlist Name]” or “New song for [Playlist Name]” will help tell the curator what to expect from your email. Because many curators manage multiple playlists, it’s also a good idea to include the playlist name in the subject line, as well as within the body of the email. 


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3. Be personal

Again, curators receive a ton of pitches every day. Your pitch will stand out and be more memorable if it’s personalized. Based on their username or other information they provide, see what you can find out about them. Maybe they’re also a musician or you both like similar artists. 


If you can’t find information about them, listen to the music on their playlist and mention some songs that you like. These small personal touches will help you stand out among the submissions. Don’t forget to be authentic and show that there’s a multidimensional artist behind the emails you’re sending.

4. Avoid “middleman” platforms

When researching how to contact Spotify playlist curators, you’ve probably come across platforms that promise to handle the pitching for you. However, third-party platforms that pitch your songs on your behalf use generic or even automated messages that come off as spammy and impersonal to curators. 


Most likely, they send the exact same message on behalf of multiple artists to the same curator. When curators see this kind of mail in their inbox, they are automatically less motivated to open it, let alone listen to the song inside.


PlaylistMap is different. With PlaylistMap, you have access to more than 12,000 Spotify playlist curators — the most in the market — and gain direct access to their contact information. Plus, our customizable email pitch tool simplifies the process of writing an amazing pitch by providing templates to guide you. 


PlaylistMap enables you to craft a pitch that stands out by helping you reach out directly to the curator, introduce yourself, and open a real dialogue. 

5. Choose the right words

Putting the sound, vibe, or meaning of your music into words can be hard. But that’s exactly what you need to do in your pitch. How would you describe your music to friends and family? What genre does your music fit into? Is it upbeat and energetic or chill and relaxing? Does it tell a story? Are the words poetic? What instruments are most prominent? If you focus on the mood, genre, and sound of your song, you’re golden.

6. Mention artists that are similar to you

Especially if you’re a newer artist, it helps to reference other artists that you are similar to. In addition to the description of your music, the curator will get an idea of what kind of music you make before even listening to it. Include just a couple names of artists you are inspired by and that are within the same genre or have a similar sound.


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6. Offer something in return 

In addition to pitching your music to playlist curators, offering something in return can help strengthen your collaboration. If you have a large following on Instagram or TikTok, consider offering the playlist curator free exposure to your followers. For instance, if you have a verified Instagram page with 15k followers, mention that you would be happy to share the playlist with them. Alternatively, if you have skills that could benefit the curator, such as design or playlist management, offer to help in these areas. By providing value-based collaboration, you not only improve your chances of getting added to the playlist, but you also build a relationship with the curator that could lead to future opportunities.

Get your music heard

Now that you know how to contact Spotify playlist curators and what to write in your pitch, it’s time to get started.


For the best results, pitch your music to as many relevant curators as possible. The more pitches you send, the more likely it is that you’ll get a response and get accepted to more playlists. 


Also, keep in mind that you can pitch your older songs as well. While it’s great to send your new releases out into the Spotify universe, your old songs could become new favorites for plenty of listeners. By developing your own schedule and cadence for sending pitches, you can share all of your music with the right curators to reach the most listeners. 




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