New on PlaylistMap: We have added an informative Insights section to each playlist you open, to give you more information about the playlist’s activity.

The new section includes:

Spotify playlist followers checker

The number of tracks over time graph

Analysis tab, displays information like moods


Playlists Followers over time

These metrics play an important role in playlisting, as they make it easier to see the playlist’s momentum – is it rising or maybe losing followers constantly?
Does the curator change the number of tracks, remove old ones and add new music?


The new feature enables a better understanding of the playlist you’re looking at. You can see what the playlist’s mood is and how much it fits your music, whether or not it is updated frequently, and even detect suspicious playlists by unusual spikes in the number of followers.


With the new Insights section, you can now learn more about optional playlists and find the best place for your music. Find and contact the playlists curators that will expose your music to new listeners, and boost your career using PlaylistMap!


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