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Is paying to be included in a Spotify playlist worth it?

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Depending on the artist’s goals and the specific situation. Being on a Spotify playlist can be good for an artist, as it can increase their visibility and possibly lead to more streams. Spotify playlists can be worth paying for, depending on several factors, including the quality and reach of the playlist, the cost, and the potential benefits for the artist.

How should artists decide whether to pay to be on a playlist?

You should carefully consider the potential costs and benefits before deciding to pitch your music to a Spotify playlist.

Keep these 4 things in mind:

The quality and reach of the playlist

You should consider paying for inclusion in a playlist, they should consider its quality and reach. An artist can get more exposure and potential benefits from a high-quality playlist with a lot of followers than a low-quality playlist with few followers.
You can determine if a playlist has fake followers by looking at the profiles of the followers. Fake accounts may have few or no followers, no profile picture, and little or no activity on their accounts.

The cost of the placemnt

Considering the cost and potential benefits of including them in the playlist is also important. It may not be worth investing if the cost is too high.
ou can also use tools such as PlaylistMap to analyze the growth of a playlist’s followers over time. If the playlist has experienced sudden, unnatural spikes in followers, it could be an indication that the playlist has fake followers.

The potential benefits

Spotify’s algorithms determine which songs to recommend to users based on the popularity and engagement of songs on playlists. Therefore, being included in popular playlists can improve your song’s discoverability.

is it legit?

It is also important to note that Spotify has policies in place against playlist manipulation, so artists should ensure that they are following these policies and acting in accordance with the platform’s guidelines before deciding to pay to be included in a playlist.

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