Not long ago, getting your song played on the radio was your golden ticket to getting discovered. Once you hit the airwaves, you had the chance to make it big. Today, things work differently.

The key to success for modern artists is getting your music on Spotify playlists. 

When your music enters a playlist, it is instantly funneled to all of the playlist’s followers, helping you cultivate a stronger fanbase, increase popularity, and gain traction within the Spotify algorithm.

That’s why we created PlaylistMap, the playlisting solution that’s redefining how artists, labels, and producers connect with Spotify playlist curators. 

With PlaylistMap, you get direct access to the gatekeepers of your future fans — millions of them.

Getting your music on Spotify playlists is hard

Even for musicians who already understand the importance of getting their songs on Spotify playlists, actually achieving this is not easy, especially if you do the work manually.

Without a playlisting solution, you need to search Spotify for the right playlists one at a time. Even if you spend hours searching, you’ll only uncover a fraction of relevant playlists. 

Then, you just hope that the curator has published their contact information so you can send them a message and pitch your song

But how do you know what to say? 

You write a bunch of drafts and send one off, hoping it will be compelling and descriptive enough to convince the curator to listen to your track.

Even after all of this work, there’s no guarantee your music will make it on a playlist. 

After trying this method and experiencing limited success, we decided to build something better. 

PlaylistMap is the solution that makes the process of finding hyper-relevant playlists and pitching your music fast and easy. With our platform, you can scale up your pitching efforts to increase your chances of getting on your ideal playlists.

Even super-niche musicians, who often struggle to find playlists in their subgenre, can find thousands of relevant playlists on PlaylistMap.

PlaylistMap is reinventing the art of playlisting

Our mission is simple. We empower musicians to share their music with the world by connecting them to the right curators and giving them the tools to craft a successful pitch.

With PlaylistMap, our users get:

What about the other playlisting tools out there?

Ah, those. 

Yes, there are several other playlisting platforms out there that promise to help you get your music on Spotify playlists. But after evaluating each of them, we saw that this market was lacking a tool that covers all of our core values:

We built PlaylistMap because we think musicians shouldn’t need to compromise on these values just to have a shot at getting their music heard. 

This is only the beginning

Why do we love PlaylistMap so much?

It’s because we truly believe in our hearts that this is a tool that can make a positive impact on the lives and careers of musicians all over the world. 

Artists need to get their music on Spotify playlists — this is the most effective strategy for sharing your music at scale, gaining more listeners, and getting favored by the Spotify algorithm

PlaylistMap was built to help you do just this. As we grow, add more features and capabilities, and improve our platform, we will get better and better at helping musicians fulfill their dreams. 

Are you in? 

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